Thursday, May 6, 2010


hello my name is chalcie i havnt been here for a while because i have been very sick! but i reali wanted to cum to cooking today evan tho i had a cold..i just injoy watching people work with food its reali exiting what they can make out the littlest thing..tody zane make a cheese cake it lookd reali reali yummy!! janeta and zane make sketty and soup i didnt get to make anithing because i didnt want to get people i just watchd and done some paper work it was fun!! and i reali want to keep cooking because i will learn new things that i havnt learnt befor its reali exiting janeta helps me alot she is a wonderful teacher.. i think of her as a friend in the cooking room..its great i would like to get some where in life and i think cooking is starting to grow on me so you neva kno i mite want to b working in wonderful place like the one im working in now...

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